We co-created “Finding Our Way”  in 2014 as we recognise the immense necessity for genuinely supportive and compassionate connection spaces.


Our aim is to help women create more balance in their lives and uncover a deeper sense of clarity in a safe space where you are seen, honoured and heard.


Our online and in-person events are safe, supportive, fun, enriching, nourishing and will help you wherever you are on your journey.

Robyn Peel
I believe life is for living and I love exploring the incredible world we live in. I am curious and intrigued by people and love getting to understand what makes people tick and what brings them joy.
For this reason I love the act of 1:1 coaching, to witness and support someone as they find ways to navigate through the world in a way that works for them. It is a deep privilege to be able to help people by creating a safe space for them to uncover and listen to their deeper knowing. 


I am on my own journey to bring more compassion and awareness to every moment of every day, not just the feel good moments when I am living my bliss in nature. My guiding vision is to live a big-hearted life with full body awareness and I am excited to help others do the same.  

I currently live in Fernie, Canada where the mountains inspire me and my garden nourishes me. I love getting outside every day, whether that be cross-country skiing, hiking, mountain biking, pottering in my garden, swimming in lakes or lying under a tree and watching the clouds pass by.

Leigh Taylor (Sherab)

Since my late teens I have been interested in meditation and practices that tame the mind and open the heart. Meditation and the practice of yoga nidra (deep relaxation with awareness) has been a true gift to me which I am committed to sharing with others. They have both deeply supported my heart, mind and body to overcome many challenges, especially health related.  I love introducing simple, effective techniques that are easy to apply and easy to integrate into everyday life.
I spent most of my adult life living in Asia studying Buddhism and Eastern Philosophy. I find deep sustenance from being in nature and love the ocean, forest and sky! I love cycling, photography, long walks and exploring new places (and giggling!)

I am also a qualified coach and love exploring the art of listening and supporting people to uncover and discover their own meaningful path and purpose.

I aspire to lead a more conscious life in all ways of being.

May we together find our ways to lead more fulfilling, balanced and conscious lives through stillness & groundedness engaged with kind compassionate action. 

Currently I live in Badalona, Barcelona in Spain. It is vital for me to live close to nature and the ocean nourishes my body, mind and spirit.
My partner and I are in the process of  building a meditation and healing sanctuary on the Garden Route in beautiful South Africa.

What women who have worked
with us have said:


"Your ability to make everyone feel welcomed, accepted and supported was truly remarkable. Thank you.” - Sam, London, UK


“I think the best bit was you guys. You were just so generous, well with everything. The complete generosity of spirit.” Zita, London, UK


"You ladies are amazing and really great communicators and facilitators. You both work seamlessly with each other and have really creative ideas and excellent ways to get these concepts to program participants.” Keri, Maryland, USA

"You are both the perfect facilitators of womens' retreats - authentic, caring, present, welcoming and knowledgeable. I loved it.” Anna, London, UK

Connect to yourself with these helpful resources

We co-created “Finding Our Way”  in 2014 as we recognised the immense necessity for genuinely supportive and compassionate connection spaces.
help women create more balance in their lives and uncover a deeper sense of clarity in a safe space where you are seen, honoured  and heard.

Compassion. Clarity. Support. Kindness.


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"With kindfulness and buckets of gentle resolve, Robyn and Leigh will guide you – and be alongside you – on a journey to connecting with yourself, with compassion. You might find it becomes something you can’t afford not to do.” 
- Sam, London, UK

"I finally gave myself permission to meet with likeminded women to discuss and practice mindfulness through meditation, drawing, and discussions and felt amazing after each session.” 
- Keri, Maryland, USA

"I had a bit of background in mindfulness but had never really made a commitment to myself before, so I found this really valuable. Also making the commitment of really taking
care of myself. This experience
of mindfulness, in this way brought me to have more of a sense of real depth to it. “
- Lily, London, UK

"As for what has stayed with me, it’s the importance of giving yourself the time and opportunity to look within for answers, quietly, thoughtfully and calmly.” 

- Becca, London, UK