Our online programmes and immersive retreats are here to support you - not add another "to do" on your list.  We are here to help you integrate self-compassion and mindfulness into your everyday life.

We warmly invite you to join our monthly online gatherings,
designed to nourish and support women on your
journey to ease, balance and wellbeing.

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We co-created “Finding Our Way”  in 2014 as we recognised the immense necessity for genuinely supportive and compassionate connection spaces.
help women create more balance in their lives and uncover a deeper sense of clarity in a safe space where you are seen, honoured  and heard.

Compassion. Clarity. Support. Kindness.


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"With kindfulness and buckets of gentle resolve, Robyn and Leigh will guide you – and be alongside you – on a journey to connecting with yourself, with compassion. You might find it becomes something you can’t afford not to do.” 
- Sam, London, UK

"I finally gave myself permission to meet with likeminded women to discuss and practice mindfulness through meditation, drawing, and discussions and felt amazing after each session.” 
- Keri, Maryland, USA

"I had a bit of background in mindfulness but had never really made a commitment to myself before, so I found this really valuable. Also making the commitment of really taking
care of myself. This experience
of mindfulness, in this way brought me to have more of a sense of real depth to it. “
- Lily, London, UK

"As for what has stayed with me, it’s the importance of giving yourself the time and opportunity to look within for answers, quietly, thoughtfully and calmly.” 

- Becca, London, UK