We support women to (re)connect to themselves, with compassion.

Deeply nourishing beautiful retreats to help you re-align and find your centre. Spend real meaningful time on your own wellbeing and cultivate more inner calm and compassion.

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Finding our Way to (Re)Connect

Free Monthly Online Women's Gathering

Join Robyn and Leigh on the first Sunday of each month to (re)connect with yourself. 


Use this as a monthly reminder to stop, reflect, connect, check-in and care for yourself. Over the 30 minute session you’ll be guided to connect to your own being, be reminded of ways you can nourish and nurture yourself and get the support, compassion and clarity to stay grounded and mindful for the coming month.


Each monthly session will cover a different topic, provide you with mindful techniques to stay connected and will include a good old dose of compassion, support, kindness and laughter from Robyn and Leigh. 


Our next call:  Join on 1 March 2020


Finding our Way to Pause

Destination and at-home retreats

Our PAUSE retreats are specially crafted for women to take much-needed time out to leave their hectic lives and make essential time for themselves to recharge, reflect & connect.  Making time for ourselves may feel like a luxury, but we can’t keep giving when our own cup is empty. The more energy and head space you have, the more of you, you have to give.


Our in-person and online retreats are designed to explore self-compassion, nourishment and care on a deeper level. Deep relaxation, reflective journalling, mindful meditations, fun creativity exercises, playful activities and personalised coaching will all take place in a safe and supportive space allowing you to connect to yourself. 


We offer online retreats where you make time in your own environment to pause, recharge and reset. We give you the tools, support and guidance to create your own PAUSE retreat at home, whilst sharing the experience with like-minded women also making time for themselves around the world.


Our in-person retreats take place in beautiful and natural environments where you can simply PAUSE, unplug from technology and plug into nature and yourself. Make the time and commitment to nourish your whole self and reconnect to the wisdom and beauty within.


“The pause is as important
as the note"




Finding our Way to Mindfulness

Seasonal Online Programme

Find your way back to self. Our online programmes are a support group, an accountability group, a meditation group and a coaching group all rolled up in one!
And all from the comfort of your own space.


Our online programme, linked with the seasons, is specially crafted for women who
want to cultivate more awareness, clarity and self-compassion in their daily life.
Life can get so busy and we all need time to nourish ourselves and the opportunity
for headspace to clarify our needs and goals. Be guided and supported to integrate
a more mindful, present way of being into your life and work.

We offer these programmes to community groups, employers, not-for-profit organisations or a group of friends who want to make time for connection. 

The programme consists of:

  • Six 1.5 hour live online sessions lead by Robyn and Leigh

  • A workbook to guide you through the sessions and for your own home (self) work

  • Ongoing support and encouragement via a friendly WhatsApp group

  • A structured programme, working through Clarity, Energy, Action 
    and helping you Integrate mindfulness in your daily life


of this online programme 

This programme explores:

  • Developing self-awareness to lead a balanced, compassionate and full-hearted life

  • Working through obstacles & blockers

  • Clarifying values and dropping limiting beliefs

  • Balancing body, mind and spirit to be more balanced and aligned

  • Meditations and deep relaxation exercises to
    support you 

We offer:

  • cultivating connection through stimulating discussion

  • powerful accountability ethos to support you through transition and change

  • relaxation, perspective and the opportunity to focus on what is most important

  • guided meditations that aid self-compassion, the art of taming negative emotions and deep relaxation

  • practical exercises, worksheets and journalling sessions

  • challenging coaching & questioning to help you find clarity and keep you focused

  • the added benefit of participating in the comfort of your own home (even in your pyjamas!) but within a guided supportive structure

Each woman will bring their own stories, situation and challenges to the table, but we know that the programme will help with:

✓ Cultivating more self-compassion

✓ Energy and time management

✓ Preventing and healing burnout

✓ Stress and overwhelm

If you would like to find out more about bringing this offering to a group of women, please get in touch.

Connect to yourself with these helpful resources

We co-created “Finding Our Way”  in 2014 as we recognised the immense necessity for genuinely supportive and compassionate connection spaces.
help women create more balance in their lives and uncover a deeper sense of clarity in a safe space where you are seen, honoured  and heard.

Compassion. Clarity. Support. Kindness.


© 2019 by FOW

"With kindfulness and buckets of gentle resolve, Robyn and Leigh will guide you – and be alongside you – on a journey to connecting with yourself, with compassion. You might find it becomes something you can’t afford not to do.” 
- Sam, London, UK

"I finally gave myself permission to meet with likeminded women to discuss and practice mindfulness through meditation, drawing, and discussions and felt amazing after each session.” 
- Keri, Maryland, USA

"I had a bit of background in mindfulness but had never really made a commitment to myself before, so I found this really valuable. Also making the commitment of really taking
care of myself. This experience
of mindfulness, in this way brought me to have more of a sense of real depth to it. “
- Lily, London, UK

"As for what has stayed with me, it’s the importance of giving yourself the time and opportunity to look within for answers, quietly, thoughtfully and calmly.” 

- Becca, London, UK